Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

The enlargement areas of Sri Lanka, Particularly Colombo district are further sometimes treating by pure disaster of floods even inside the light rain. Not too way back, reasonably priced consideration has been given by the federal authorities to mitigate disaster of flood. The development duties of storm water drainage strategies are implementing based mostly on severity of disaster & frequency of floods incidence. The fortune of civil engineers & peoples in Sri Lanka is least impression of pure disaster evaluating completely different nations in South Asia & even world-wide. The first causes could be acknowledged as unplanned urbanization, absence of soil conservative practices & harmful habits of some peoples.

The inhabitants development of the Colombo district is rapidly elevated in each day. The retention areas are drastically reducing due to constructing along with the illegal as properly. The increment of depth of the paved areas are effecting to further ground run off due to a lot much less infiltration that may evenly decreased due to larger ground water desk. The lower latitude of Colombo district moreover straight influenced to maneuver value of the storm water paths. The lesser gradient circuitously influences clogging of water path even piece of garbage. Development of storm water drainage system is significantly troublesome now in these areas & progress duties might get further time & worth fairly initially designed and budgeted amount

When design of the storm water drainage strategies are primarily based totally on the earlier rainfall particulars, catchment traits and plenty of completely different problems with engineering hydrology & environmental engineering.the open channel constructing is broadly utilized in Sri Lanka along with underground conduit, pipes sections which might be needed overlaying avenue crossing, developing when varied plans are inconceivable. The open channels are earth, gabions, random rubble masonry & bolstered concrete, the concrete, gabions channels could be each rectangular or concrete which might be employed when the areas are restricted. Drainage system might embody tertiary, secondary, & main canals varieties based mostly on their functionality. The frequency of various buildings like culverts, bridges, conduits, underground pipes, maintenance avenue are vary based mostly on depth of roads & buildings and so forth..

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